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Vaishnaw predicts India’s semiconductor, telecom prowess

by Hamza

In a declaration poised to reverberate through global tech circles, Ashwini Vaishnaw, India’s Union Minister for Railways, Communications, and IT, heralded the country’s forthcoming emergence as a central force in semiconductor manufacturing and telecom services. Speaking at the Viksit Bharat Ambassador event in Mumbai, Vaishnaw outlined India’s seismic shift from importing over 98 percent of mobile phones a decade ago to now proudly boasting 99 percent of devices made within its borders.

Vaishnaw predicts India's semiconductor, telecom prowess

Vaishnaw’s remarks pivoted to the lightning-fast deployment of 5G network infrastructure across India, touting the nation’s claim to hosting the world’s swiftest 5G network, predominantly fueled by indigenous technology. With 5G services inaugurated in India since October 2022, over 435,000 5G towers have since dotted the landscape, a testament to the country’s relentless pursuit of technological sovereignty. Notably, Vaishnaw underscored that nearly 80 percent of the equipment powering this network was domestically manufactured, signaling India’s stride towards self-reliance in critical tech infrastructure.

Transitioning to India’s transformative railway sector, Vaishnaw showcased the blistering pace of development, with an astounding four kilometers of rail track laid daily. Illustrating this momentum, he revealed that India constructed a colossal 5,300-kilometer rail network within the previous fiscal year alone, eclipsing even Switzerland’s extensive railway infrastructure. Moreover, Vaishnaw underscored the electrification of 44,000 kilometers of railway tracks over the past decade, a monumental leap forward compared to the modest progress under previous administrations.

In the wake of global economic turbulence triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, Vaishnaw noted India’s steadfast and robust growth trajectory, standing firm while many other nations grapple with recessionary pressures. As citizens eagerly anticipate the fruits of these transformative endeavors, Vaishnaw expressed confidence in the electorate’s resolve to re-elect Prime Minister Narendra Modi, underscoring a shared vision for a prosperous and technologically empowered future for all.

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