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Flooding and mudslides in Sri Lanka result in 10 fatalities

by Hamza

Sri Lanka is reeling from the aftermath of heavy rainfall, with floods and mudslides wreaking havoc across the nation. At least 10 people have been reported dead, and six others are missing as a result of the calamity, as announced by officials. In response to the ongoing crisis, the Ministry of Education has taken the unprecedented step of closing schools indefinitely. The decision regarding the reopening of schools will be contingent upon further updates on the weather situation.

Flooding and mudslides in Sri Lanka result in 10 fatalities

The relentless downpours, which began on Sunday, have inundated homes, agricultural fields, and major roadways, prompting authorities to implement precautionary measures, including temporary electricity shutdowns. Tragedy struck on Sunday when six individuals lost their lives in Colombo and the remote Rathnapura district, succumbing to the raging floodwaters. Additionally, three fatalities were recorded due to mudslides engulfing residential homes, while another person tragically perished after being struck by a falling tree. Six individuals remain unaccounted for since the onset of the disaster.

The disaster management center revealed that over 5,000 individuals have been evacuated to temporary shelters, with more than 400 houses sustaining varying degrees of damage. The Sri Lankan Navy and Army have been deployed to the affected regions to conduct rescue operations and distribute essential supplies to those stranded or displaced. This catastrophe comes amidst Sri Lanka’s struggle with relentless adverse weather conditions since mid-May, primarily attributed to the onslaught of the monsoon season.

Earlier incidents included the loss of nine lives due to strong winds toppling trees in various parts of the country. The situation remains fluid as authorities continue to monitor and respond to the evolving crisis, prioritizing the safety and well-being of the affected populace.

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