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ET’s dry car wash saves 33 million liters of water in 2020

by Hamza
Nearly 33 million liters of water were conserved in 2020 thanks to waterless car wash services at Emirates Transport (ET). The savings were achieved as a result of using eco-friendly wash methods, rather than the traditional means, when providing washing services to 443,657 vehicles during last year.
ET’s dry car wash service conserves 33 million liters of water in 2020

Eng. Fadhil Attalla, Director of B2C – Technical Services Division, said: “The Dry Wash Unit is a shining example of the company’s green investment projects. Over the years, the Unit contributed to saving tens of millions of liters of water that would have been used in traditional washing operations.” Attalla pointed out that the Dry Car Wash Unit is keen to follow all precautionary measures to protect workers and clients from the spread of COVID-19 including disinfecting vehicles after washing operations.

He also stated that Emirates Transport is contracted with approximately eight parties to provide dry-wash services for vehicles in 25 different locations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Al Ain through 170 workers. He added that the dry car wash project has a positive environmental and economic impact, by using minimal volumes of water, compared to the average 100 liters of water usually required to wash each vehicle using the standard washing process. The dry car wash service is characterized by the use of environmentally-friendly materials in accordance with the environmental specifications and requirements such as the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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